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Big Data and Predictive Analytics for efficient shipping operations

17 Feb 2022, 1000 IST

Marble Surface

This session is now over. You can watch the YouTube video on demand below: 

Context and Overview:

Maritime Industry collects a lot of data – for example, crew log, equipment log, logs of internal and external conditions of the ships, forms filled out at ports, canals, waterways, additional records by various  agents. Given the variety and volume of data generated, Big Data in maritime can be categorized under these utilities – Managing vessels, cargo & ports, route & fleets. 

MIV 2030 also mentions enhancing the operational efficiency in several areas such as Safe operation, Schedule management,  Fleet planning, Fleet allocation, Maintenance, etc. 

How is this bulk of data collected being used across the maritime sector to develop tools to enhance maritime operations? 

Post COVID what type of predictive tools can assist in the digital transformation of the maritime sector? What options exist today? How are they lacking and what is the scope of research (if any)? 

The Panelists

Yi Han.jpg

Ng Yi Han

Director (Innovation, Technology & Talent Development), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

sanjeev namath.jpg

Sanjeev Namath

Chief Business Officer, Alpha Ori

jitin mehra klaveness.jpg

Mr Jiten Mehra

Global Head of Dry Bulk Operations, Torvald Klaveness

Ron Fong.jpg

Mr Ron Fong

Head of IT at Pacific Carriers Limited and POSH Fleet Services

Moderator and Assimilator

Punit Oza - Bio Photo (002) - Copy.jpg

Mr Punit Oza

Director, Klaveness Asia, Senior Adjunct Fellow at MPA Academy & Maritime Digitalization Playbook Ambassador

chitta dash 02 - Copy.jpg

Mr Chitta Dash

Former Lloyd’s Register’s Marine Business Manager

The Library

Marble Surface

A systems approach to risk analysis of maritime operations

Marble Surface

Big data usage in the Maritime industry A Qualitative Study for the use of Port State Control (PSC) inspection data by shipping professionals.

Marble Surface

Mobile applications, cloud and bigdata on ships and shore stations for increased safety on marine traffic; a smart ship project

Marble Surface

A study of reliability-centred maintenance in maritime operations

Marble Surface

The development of a ship-server power / emission assessment model: case study on big data analysis for real-time ship operation

Marble Surface

Vessels fuel consumption forecast and trim optimisation: A data analytics perspective

Marble Surface

A new hybrid approach to human error probability quantification-applications in maritime operations

Marble Surface

Modelling of Risk and Reliability of Maritime Transport Services

Marble Surface

Vessels fuel consumption forecast and trim optimisation: A data analytics perspective

Marble Surface

Vessels Fuel Consumption: a Data Analytics Perspective to Sustainability

Marble Surface

Condition-Based Maintenance of Naval Propulsion Systems with Supervised Data Analysis.

Marble Surface

Big Data development in the tanker industry - Drivers and Challenges

Marble Surface

The human element in future Maritime Operations – perceived impact of autonomous shipping

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