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Maritime sector has always been influencing the global economy. Shipping facilitates the bulk transportation of raw material, oil and gas products, food and manufactured goods across international borders. Shipping is truly global in nature and it can easily be said that without shipping, the intercontinental trade of commodities would come to a standstill.

Recognizing the importance of research in various aspects of maritime and logistic sector, IIRE through its Journal of Maritime Research and Development (IJMRD) encourages research work and provides a platform for publication of articles, manuscripts, technical notes, papers, etc. on a wide range of relevant topics listed below:

  • Development in Shipping

  • Ship Operations and Management

  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Maritime Sector

  • Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection

  • Technological Developments

  • Maritime Education

  • Human Resource in Maritime Sector

  • Trade Liberalization and Shipping

  • Freight Rates Fluctuations and Forecasting

  • Commodity Markets and Shipping

  • Shipping Investment and Finance

  • Maritime Logistics

  • Multimodal Transport

  • Inland Waterways Transport

  • Maritime Statistics

  • Port Management, Port Pricing and Privatization

  • Economic and Environmental Impact of Shipping and Ports

  • Other Current Topics of Interest in Shipping

IIRE Journal of Maritime Research and Development (IJMRD)

IJMRD upcoming issue - October 2023
Accepting submissions now!

IJMRD is accepting submissions for the next issue scheduled for October 2023. Submit your applications to All guidelines are available here:

IJMRD Archive

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